How To Have Hot, Passionate Vacation Sex At Home!

Vacations bring on that steamy, sultry mood ideal for a lots of hot sex. You're in a sunny, tropical paradise. What's more romantic than that? If you want to have the same super erotic romps at home this summer, here are our 4 top suggestions: 1) Take a Tech Break  The best part of vacation is that you aren't glued to your phone 24/7. So shed the smartphones and lock up the tablets for the night. Banish any tech from the bedroom and spend some time with aromatic candles, essential oils and reconnect with your partner. 2) Don't Pencil In Your Sex Sesh Spontaneity is key to getting that spark of vacation sex back into your love life. So don't have sex on Tuesday night because it's in your iPhone calendar. Get it on in the morning or during a quiet, spontaneous afternoon. 3) Mess Around  Vacations let you get adventurous with sex. So bring some food into the bedroom, or try out some of your wildest fantasies. 4) Get Out Of Bed Sex doesn't always have to happen between the sheets. Bring in the novelty of travel sex by getting it on on the kitchen counter, the floor, the shower or the stairs! What are your best sex tips to keeping things fun and lively? Share them with us! Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat snapcode

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