Hotel Room HIIT

As the year starts up again, so does my husbands travel schedule! I designed this workout with him in mind and all those who travel a lot as well! Even a great alternative if you're on vacation and need a quick workout you can do in the hotel room. Have kids like me? Get them involved! My kids are always around when I workout, and are used to the excitement and will often get moving with me as well. This workout has 2 parts. A warm up that lasts 6 minutes and a HIIT session that lasts about 14 minutes, so in 20 minutes you are done! Push yourself as hard as you can during the 30 seconds of work and rest only during the 10 seconds rest.


Set timers for 30/30 and 6 rounds. You can also work off a stop watch and change exercises every 30 seconds. You will have 4 exercises you will repeat 3x through. 30 seconds - Jog in place 30 seconds - Squats 30 seconds - High Knees 30 seconds - Push Ups Repeat above 3x through


Set timers for 30/10, 21 rounds. You will go through the below circuit 3x through. 30 seconds - HIGH KNEES 10 seconds - rest 30 seconds - PUSH UP SHOULDER TAP 10 seconds - rest 30 seconds - JUMP SQUATS 10 seconds - rest 30 seconds - IN & OUT ABS 10 seconds - rest 30 seconds - SQUAT THRUST WITH A TUCK JUMP 10 seconds - rest 30 seconds - PLANK HOLD ON ELBOW OR LOW PUSH UP HOLD ON HANDS 10 seconds - rest 30 seconds - HIGH KNEE SPRINT 10 seconds - rest REPEAT 3x through!! I go through ONE round with you below including the warm up! Challenge yourself too! If you want to elevated the push ups, do so! If you want to turn the squat thrust/tuck into a Burpee Tuck Jump (with a push up), more power to ya! Point is, work at your max for those 30 seconds of work and only rest during the 10 seconds of rest. hotel room hiit photo  

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