How Adding HIIT Workouts To Your Running Routine Can Torch Calories

According to research by the University of Wisconsin, your arms and legs are the most powerful calorie torching machines in existence. A high-intensity interval training or HIIT workout can be the key to burning more calories in less time. During a 2013 study, it was concluded that people doing a 20-minute HIIT style circuit burned up to 15 more calories per minute compared to running workouts. Their workout was comprised of push-ups, burpees, squats and lunges. They completed each workout in short, 4 minutes intervals before a quick rest and then switched it up. Interval training is increasingly popular among athletes. More drawn out workouts like running have benefits too. Running provides mental clarity while fighting off fatigue, carving your core and lowering your risk factor for heart disease. HIIT workouts shred insane amounts of fat, save time and help maintain muscle mass while you lose weight. The secret to getting the benefits of both is to create a balanced exercise routine. Add in HIIT workouts to your regular running routine once or twice a week. You should allow your body plenty of recovery time between each HIIT session, even though they are short. If you can't handle the full 20 minutes, start with a quicker and a less intense routine and work your way up. At BodyRock, we love HIIT training. If you'd like to give it a try, why not check out SweatFlix℠? SweatFlix℠ contains over 115 hours of on demand, real time workouts to suit all fitness levels. Get started with your free trial today!  What are your thoughts? Do you prefer HIIT exercises or slow paced workouts? Source: Runners World      

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