How Bad Do YOU Want it?

Lately, I have been on Instagram and I see amazing photos with fit people doing amazing poses.  The photos show people flexing, doing handstands, windshield wiper hanging abs, the splits, and the list goes on.  So, this got me bad do I really want it?  IT being, fitness.  How bad do I really want to achieve all of my fitness goals, nutrition and fitness related?  How far am I willing to go?  Who is going to hold me accountable? With Lisa's October challenge coming up, I decided that I wanted to hold myself accountable and not only do her challenge, but a few challenges of my own.  For every day in October, I will be completing Lisa's daily challenges as well as completing one inspiring move of my own and documenting it on my Instagram and Facebook pages. So far, some of the moves that I plan to attempt and hopefully succeed at by the end of October: 1. Barbell Turkish Get Up 2. Complete Hollow Back Handstand 3. The Splits on Right and Left Leg 4. Crow Pose (Yoga) Obviously, there will be many more added to that list since there are 31 days in October, but those are some of my main October goals.  SO, I challenge you to try to do the same thing.  Make October your month to challenge yourself!  Let us in the cyber world hold you accountable by posting your progress and pictures on the bodyrock site as well as your instagram and facebook pages. Inspiring points from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself: 1. Trust Yourself 2. Break Some Rules 3. Don't be Afraid to Fail 4. Ignore the Haters 5. Work Like Hell I wish you all a happy Challenge October!  Check out my instagram @jumpfitnessnow to help all of  us stay accountable and to check out some awesome new moves! How bad do you want it? handstand

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