How Bad Is That Halloween Candy, Anyway? (Infographic)

Halloween is so fun! Who doesn't love candy? Halloween is that day when you "inspect" your wee one's haul, gobbling up anything that looks "unsafe." That day when you hand out candy to trick or treaters using the "one for you, two for me" philosophy. It is hard to stay on track when surrounded by oh so many temptations! Unfortunately, all the latest nutritional news has indicated that excess sugar is toxic and can increase your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Despite the threat of declining health, binges still happen. In an attempt to help keep things in perspective and under control, we've worked out how much exercise it takes to burn off some of your favorite Halloween treats! Those "fun size" offerings look harmless but can add up in a hurry! Take a look: original-halloweencandyinfo If you aren't able to keep yourself from eating just about everything in sight, don't panic! There is a little bit of good news! While all the recent research has indicated that added sugar is toxic, it has also found that your body can begin to recover in just 9 days! A study published in Obesity, looked at children with high sugar diets. For 9 days, the researchers replaced the added sugar in their diets with starch while keeping the overall calorie  totals the same. And the swaps weren't of a super healthy nature. “We took chicken teriyaki out, and put turkey hot dogs in. We took sweetened yogurt out, and put baked potato chips in. We took pastries out and put bagels in,” lead sugar researcher and study author Robert Lustig, M.D., told TIME. After the 9 days, all the markers measured had improved. Before the test, some of the children were insulin resistant which is a precursor to the development of diabetes. After having their daily sugar reduced to just 10 percent of their caloric intake, their fasting blood sugar levels had dropped by 53 percent and their bodies were starting to produce more insulin which allowed them to break down the sugar and carbs they were eating. Their triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels were also lower. [bctt tweet="That sugar you just ate may be toxic but it isn't too late to turn things around!"] “We gave them crappy food, sh*tty food, processed food—and they still got better,” Lustig said. “Imagine how much better they would have gotten if we didn’t substitute and took the sugar out. That’s the point.” Experts are not convinced that the improvements in the children's health measurements were entirely due to the sugar swap but it certainly brings home the point that we don't need any extra in our diets. sugar toxic Even if you only go on a small binge over Halloween, you still put yourself well above your recommended daily limit. Remember: don't panic or give up. The damage isn't permanent. Return to your usual standard of vigilance and your body will be on its way to recovery in a little over a week! If you need a little help getting things going in the right direction, we'd like to issue you a challenge! The completely free BodyRock 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge will help you jump start your health by giving you the tools to understand how "clean eating" fits into your life! Did you typically fall off the diet wagon over Halloween? Share your recovery tips with us!    

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