How I Train And Approach Rest Days As Fitness Model And Trainer

So I asked you guys what you wanted me to blog about and many of you asked about my personal training program and how to incorporate light training days/ active recovery days. So here it is. My overall training program does change from time to time but generally I focus on heavy, straight sets. I like 12 reps, 4 sets, 1 minute rest between. That said, I never really do the same workout more than a couple of times. I will generally stick to the same exercises for a couple of weeks but I'll play around with sets, weights, reps and burnouts. On one hand you want to keep doing the same exercises for some time so you can get better at them and do them for long enough to reap the adaptation benefits. But on the other hand, the body does adapt and get used to exercises pretty quickly and I find keeping the body guessing gets the best results. It's also less boring. Unless you're really working on building strength and setting new PRs it's ok to switch up exercises often. I train 5/6 days a week, because fitness is my life. But if something comes up and I train less, I don't stress it. I split my program like this: Glutes and legs, then chest and shoulders, then back and arms, rest (or active recovery -- discussed later) and repeat. So three days on, one day off and on it goes. I throw abs and calves in there when the feeling hits. Calves is my new obsession so I'm hitting them very regularly at the moment. I largely ignored them and they are shamefully petty. But they're coming along nicely, now. [caption id="attachment_1084" align="aligncenter" width="418"]Yeah, it's still nothing to write home about but progress is progress. Yeah, it's still nothing to write home about but progress is progress.[/caption] As I've discussed previously here, I don't really do any cardio. Once in a while, I will get the urge to do a major sweat, high-intensity sesh but generally formal cardio isn't on the menu. Now, rest, recovery and rejuvenation are extremely important. It's when you're repairing that you reap the benefits of your workouts, not while you're doing them. More does not mean more. Over-working your body can have the opposite effect you desire. I'm very conscious not to overdo and over-stress my body. We're not machines and these delicate tissues of ours need quite a lot of tender, love and care. [caption id="attachment_1082" align="aligncenter" width="418"]restday1 I actually do feel this way.[/caption] However, unless I'm hung over (which happens on occasion) it's pretty hard to get me to do nothing at all active. What can I say, I'm an addict. But I'm pretty good at listening to my body and what it needs. When it deserves an active rest, I might spend up to an hour doing foam rolling, mobility drills, rehab exercises, stretching, light yoga or one small body part -- like calves! Lower intensity days are a great time to join the dots, so to speak. [caption id="attachment_1083" align="aligncenter" width="430"]restday2 I actually try not to do this. But sometimes it happens.[/caption] My workout time is very precious to me -- and it's much more than just about the physical. It's the best me time I can get. I'd honestly rather work myself out than go to the spa, for the most part. It's the time I do my best thinking and meditations. I definitely don't see it as a waste if I go to the gym and not at all break a sweat.      

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