Is Kylie Jenner Destroying The Lives Of Young Girls Everywhere?

Marketers love her clout. She reaches millions of tween & teenage girls via her social media channels. The media loves her - along with the rest of the Kardashian clan she fills up the 24 hour news cycle when there is nothing else "news worthy" for them to write about. The truth is, as much as we've grown to 'love to hate' the Kardashians they generate clicks, drive traffic and make a lot of people (including themselves) a lot of money. Dollars aside, the side effect of heaping so much attention on someone like Kylie is that it makes her a de-facto role model for an entire generation of kids. Even if you think your kids are smart enough to see through the shenanigans, the attention and level of fame that this young woman has is staggering - and all the more so because it is largely based solely on her luxury cars, designer clothes and hollywood lifestyle. Honestly who gets a $320,000 Ferrari for their 18th birthday from a 25 year old man? kylie-tyga-inset Are we inspired by her achievements? Her academic prowess? Her athletic ability? Her philanthropy or charitable works? Does she champion any causes? Does she speak out on behalf of the disadvantaged or repressed? No. I'm not blaming this kid for being born into celebrity. I'm aware that she is only 18 and has her whole life ahead of her to do good deeds. But on the surface, the overwhelming take away from the Kylie Jenner phenomenon is that money, looks and followers are what is important in life. It's a message that is not lost on today's kids and on some level it establishes a completely unrealistic sense of entitlement that is not healthy. How much it is actually f*cking up young girls (and guys for that matter) is open for debate. We know that they are following her every move, and we know from the Kylie Jenner lip challenge that some of her young fans are trying emulate her. landscape_nrm_1429537367-kylie_jenner_lip_challenge At some point you need to ask - how much of this is actually on Kylie? How much responsibility does she bear for how her life and celebrity has been crafted? Is this the result of having a 'momager' and not a mother? Was she simply swept along with the current and wake of her equally famous older siblings? Is this what comes from being born into a family that actively seeks to maximize their media exposure at every turn? 18 isn't a magic number. It doesn't mean that Kylie will suddenly change the trajectory of her life. But turning 18 does make her an adult - and it will be interesting to see if Kylie choses to take greater responsibility for her influence over her young fans.  

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