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How Long Does It Take Your Body To Get Out Of Shape?

We've all had those days where we just can't get our butts off the couch and go to the gym. A break every now and then won't totally mess up our fitness level. It's when that one break day turns into two and that one cheat meal becomes a nightly burger binge that things get out of control. So how long does it actually take your body to get out of shape? Well, if you're a frequent fitness buff who pounds the pavement for hours a day or smashes circuit training 6 times a week, it will be easy for you to bounce back. You have what's called muscle memory which means your bulked up biceps won't wither away quickly. For workout warriors, halting your gym sessions can cause you to lose some body strength in about 3 weeks. If you're a runner or cyclist, your speed and endurance will start to fade after 4 weeks. However, it takes a very long time to really notice you've even up exercise. If you're a fitness newbie, you can probably guess that skipping the gym can result in a quicker  loss of fitness level. How quick? Let's say you maintain a solid exercise routine for 3 months, than completely drop off and go back to being sedentary. Within 3 months of quitting, your hard earned gains and strength level will have plummeted by 50%. In half a year, it's as though you never worked out to begin with. It's important even when you're feeling sick or tired to keep eating right and try to add in some very light exercise. That way when you have a break day, you don't cheat with greasy fast food or laze around in bed all day. Good food and gentle physical activity will wake you up and improve your immune function. What are your thoughts? How do you stay motivated even on break days? Source: Greatist

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