How Often Should You Actually Wash Your Towels? The Shocking Facts

Here's the reality of what's lurking in your towel fabric - and it's not pretty. Many of us wash our towels every one to two weeks, give or take. I mean, they're towels, what dangers could be posed to our health by letting our towel washing slide? Well, each time you use your towel, it picks up dead skin cells off your body and a ton of water. They also grab a hunk of bacteria which can give off a little odour that you may notice after you dry yourself. Those bacteria are pretty gross, and their environment (your towel) is a particularly favourable breeding ground. It is recommended you wash your towels after every 3 uses! As for face cloths? They get an even worse rep because they have to absorb all your skin oils, makeup and whatever else is on your face. They are also often used to scrub your face, causing more dead skin cells to collect within their fibres. Mould and bacteria get right up in there and breed when you leave your face cloth hanging up to dry. So wash face cloths after every single use. Kitchen cloths will leave you washing your dishes with germs if not properly cleaned. They are infested with food particles, germs, bacteria and of course water. Dipping them in bleach or simply throwing them in the machine after each and every use is your best bet for keeping yourself healthy and safe! Remember, just because you can't see the bacteria lurking in your towels, doesn't mean it's not posing a threat! Are you guilty of under washing your towels? Let us know your reaction!  

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