How One Woman Shed Weight to Become a Crowned Bodybuilder

One woman went from weighing in at 140 pounds to shedding and sculpting her body to compete in a highly respected national bodybuilding championship in just 10 months.

One woman lost weight to become a crowned bodybuilder.

The mother-of-two, Fiona Stott, 37, got down to 119 pounds by cutting out junk foods. Now, the Bradford resident has been crowned in just her third competition, taking the National Amateur Body-Builders' Association's Miss Great Britain Athletic Figure 2015.

"It was an amazing feeling to take the win," Fiona, who runs a holiday cottage business explained. "There were seven girls on the stage at the finals, all with amazing physiques so I was elated when I was announced as first place. The first contest I entered was daunting as I didn't know what to expect when stepping out onto that stage in front of hundreds of people scrutinising every body part But once I got into the poses and heard the encouragement from the audience then I got a real buzz. I couldn't wait to do it again, but better."

One woman lost weight to become a crowned bodybuilder.

Fiona can thank her fiancé Nick Hindle for the original weight loss, since he sent her an eating plan back in January that she stuck to. Now, the mother of seven-year-old Ryden and two-year-old Dori says that she sticks to the diet as well her training regime for at least five days out of the week.

One woman lost weight to become a crowned bodybuilder.

Fiona decided to take up bodybuilding after her success at losing weight. She now spends an hour in the gym a day lifting weights and honing in on a specific part of her body. She also likes  to hop on the stair master for 30 minutes each day or do another form of fat-burning cardio.

"It is challenging to make sure that I get my training and cardio done without it impinging on my time with the children," Fiona noted. "Whilst prepping for the competitions I would get up at 5am before the children woke to get on the spin bike, which was downstairs in the lounge, to do an hour on it before breakfast. My children have learned to understand how important healthy eating is and enjoy a good balanced diet. My daughter tells everyone that mummy loves chicken and broccoli," she continued.

One woman lost weight to become a crowned bodybuilder.

"The heaviest I weighed was 11 stone. When my daughter was seven-months-old, my partner set me an eating plan which I stuck to for a full year, cutting out all naughty food, and also the wine,"  she said. "I was allowed one cheat meal a week where I could indulge in something like lasagna and chips with a pudding and also some wine. By July 2014, I had got my weight down to 8.5 stone. I felt really happy with my new slim figure, but now I felt too skinny with no definition to my shape. I needed another goal now I had lost the weight, so in December of the same year I decided that I wanted to train five-days-a-week and aim towards doing a bodybuilding competition the following October 2015."

Fiona is back to the weight she was 10 months ago, 119 pounds, after being at 140 while training for 20 weeks for the competition. She lost some of the weight once she felt she had strengthened her muscles enough in order to get a more defined look for the competition. She claims she does not take body fat into consideration, as she views it as an inaccurate test.

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Now, Fiona is working tirelessly to not only keep up her training but to gain more muscle and stay super lean in order to compete in the British finals which will take place in Southport in May of next year. She will also be taking the steps towards becoming a personal trainer so that she can help inspire other women based on the journey she has been through.

"The next year will be spent training hard still to gain more muscle mass and to stay lean," Fiona said. "I will also be starting to study for my Personal Training qualification in February next year at NRGym. From that I would like to inspire more ladies to use the weights in the gym and how they can sculpt and transform their bodies through weight training and a good healthy way of eating. I want to pass on the knowledge that I have gained through training, dieting and competing to help other women, whatever their end goal may be."

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