How One Woman Took On Her Weight Loss Plateau And Won!

When she headed off to college, Tamar Ward weighed about 230 pounds. During her time at school, the stress spelled disaster for her eating habits, prompting her to reach for easy to access processed foods. Little changed after graduation and a fully packed work schedule compounded Ward's stress eating habits. And just when things couldn't become more complicated, they did. Ward was flattened by two herniated disks in her back. Unable to move for the last few months of 2012, it was in January 2013, that Ward noticed her weight had risen to 276 pounds. tamar2 As her back continued to heal, Ward knew things had to change. She joined Weight Watchers, started walking her dog more frequently and eased herself into cardio DVDs four times a week. Despite this work, little seemed to change. In March of 2013, Ward tried on her wedding dress and found she could barely fit into the size 20 gown despite having already lost 35 pounds. In June 2013, Ward joined the YMCA and became hooked on a cycling class. She took the class four times a week and by her wedding in October 2013, she'd lost an additional 46 pounds. [bctt tweet="How One Woman Took On Her Weight Loss Plateau And Won!"] Great job, right? Of course! Only problem was, Ward hit an all too common and frustrating problem. At 196 pounds, she plateaued. She had already added weight lifting to her routine so she knew it was time to focus on her diet. Ward followed a low-carb diet for a two months and had no luck. She mixed it up by trying a high-protein diet. Again, it didn't take. Finally, Ward decided to consult a nutritionist. She was then put on a 1,700-calorie diet which included dairy and complex carbohydrates. She'd have a shake for breakfast, a big lunch of chicken, brown rice and vegetables and a protein-and-veg-only dinner. This focus on diet helped Ward lose another 20 pounds. Her current weight is 175 pounds! tamar3 Perseverance does pay off! If something isn't working, there will definitely be something else that does. Sometimes, you have to try and fail. Now, Ward is a total fitness fan and is even training for a half marathon. Here is what Ward says finally helped her achieve her goal weight: Avoid temptation. "Moderation doesn't work for me with candy, so I don't keep any in my house." Recruit workout buddies. "My friend Lauren runs all races with me. She gives me extra motivation and helps hold me accountable." Keep checking in. "I have certain jeans that I'll try on, and if I feel like they're getting a bit tight, then I up my game." What a great reminder that set backs are just temporary, they are not, and do not have to be, the end of the journey! Are you inspired by this story? How have you dealt with your own weight loss plateaus? Source: Women's Health

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