How strong is your mind?

As I was running yesterday, I felt exhausted as I rounded the last corner on my route home. I felt like I couldn't take another step, as my lungs were burning, my legs were on fire, my head was pounding, and I was dripping sweat. Have you ever felt like that? I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you have! endurance_sweating_workout When you feel that exhaustion and fatigue, do you give up?

Never, Never Give In

Winston Churchill said it best, "Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." Your enemy in this case: your own body. When your legs tell you you're too tired from running, when your lungs are on fire from that extra-intense interval, and your muscles are shaking and unable to do one more rep - that's when your body is your own worst enemy. That, however, is the time you have to push yourself even harder! It may sound odd, but when you're exhausted, that's the best time to pick up the pace, add an extra few pounds, or do that max rep set! It will push your body all the way to the point of exhaustion, and it will ensure that your workout really does achieve its goals - making you work yourself as hard as you can. t1larg.sweat_.during.exercise How strong is your mind? Do you have the mental discipline to keep running, keep breathing, keep pushing? When you're on that last set of mountain climbers, burpees, sprints, bench presses, or sprints can you keep going even though you are dead and your body is drained? If so, you're a man or woman that is guaranteed to succeed!

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