How The Shade Of Your Poop Can Identify Major Health Concerns

When poop comes out a different colour than you're used to, it's in our nature to panic and quickly turn to Google for the answer. Not all changes in stool shade require you to sound the alarm bells, but some can be hints at serious health concerns. colour of poop decoded Green Poop: The colour green can be an indication that you ate veggies at your last meal - particularly leafy greens. This has to do with the nutrient absorption process that your body naturally goes through, so there is no need to freak out. Green/Yellow Poop: This colour is a telltale sign of bile build up within your body. Bile is a greenish fluid that assists in the break down of fat in your system. This is another symptom that is pretty common and isn't a big deal unless you are experiencing loose, watery stools that are rather frequent. These symptoms together could be a result of a more serious gastrointestinal disfunction. [bctt tweet="How The Shade Of Your Poop Can Identify Major Health Concerns"] Reddish Poop: Eating foods like beets can be the culprit of this colour change. If you haven't been recently mowing down on healthy beets, cranberries or other red pigments and you experience a bright red stool, this is a concern. It could mean you have haemorrhoids, colon inflammation or could even be an early sign of colon cancer. Call your doctor right away. Black Poop: Sometimes medications can turn your stool a deep black colour. If this isn't the case, it could be sign of bleeding in your intestinal tract. An infection, inflammation or cancer could be the causes of this blackened stool, so see your doctor immediately. Remember to be descriptive about the appearance, smell and texture of your poop. Embarrassing as it may be, this information helps your doctor get a clearer picture of what's happening within your body. What are your thoughts on this? Share your health tips with us! Source: Women's Health

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