How to Battle Autumn Fatigue

Fall is upon us, and it is the season when we all go numb, sleepy and drained of both will and energy to greet every morning with a smiley face, let alone get through a busy day. Stop right there! Do not blame the season for your fatigue – instead, rise to the challenge and show autumn what you are made of! Here are a few small habit and diet adjustments which you can make in order to successfully prevent your energy and mood from falling off during the grim days of fall.

Work out, do not just work

After a long day at work, you will probably look more forward to hitting the sack than the gym, but that is no excuse to skip an exercise session. If neglected, your body will additionally weigh you down as the cold months are usually the season when we all give in too quickly to fatty and starchy food cravings. In addition to helping you maintain an ideal weight, 30 minutes of intense physical activity a day can thoroughly revitalize you and awaken the energy you did not even know you had inside.

Oust sugars from your plate

Sugar provides a quick fix when energy levels drop – but its effects are short-lived and you will soon find yourself hungering after another sweet snack. If you opt for complex carbs, however, your brain and muscles will get quality nourishment that will keep your energy high for extended periods of time. The list of foods high in complex carbohydrates includes brown rice, beans, peas, barley, lentils, pumpkin and wholegrain products.

Feel free to embrace Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids promote healthy sleep patterns, concentration and memory functioning, and they also keep depression at bay – which is precisely what you need to conquer autumn fatigue. Include Omega 3-rich foods in your diet by adding portions of fish to your plate at least two or three times a week.


Water is your friend

Once their focus plummets during a long day at the office, most people reach for coffee as a quick pick-me-up. Do not do that to yourself – coffee provides a one-time boost that wears off quickly once caffeine leaves our blood system. Opt for water instead this fall: you may not be dozing off, you are perhaps just dehydrated. In case your body needs a quick fluid top-up, go for water and unsweetened organic drinks instead of tea or coffee – it works like liquid magic.

Balance carbs and proteins like a pro

Do not yield to the appeal of comfort food this season. Sugar, pastry and candy are empty calories which never make fatigue go away: they only make your body puff. By maintaining a balanced protein-to-carb ratio in your snacks, you will avoid energy slumps and keep your body properly nourished too. Swap a sugar-laden treat for a protein bar, egg-white omelet and oatmeal, chicken breast, salmon, high-fiber cereals or asparagus and enjoy the energy difference.

Be ready for Vitamin B

A B vitamin deficiency can often trigger a slothful slump, which is why fall is the season when you may need to reconsider your daily B-vit intake. For optimal energy levels, improved focus and seamless cognitive functioning, enrich your diet with lean meats, fish, eggs, dairy products, fortified cereals, broccoli, legumes and wholegrain bread.

Go after herbal remedies

Herbs can be an invaluable ally when combating fall fatigue. Drop that beer and make yourself a cup of green tea: known to improve mental functions and combat free radicals that accelerate aging, green tea is a perfect 5 o’clock drink for the drained and the drowsy. Ginseng is another organic remedy you may want to add to your herbal menu, as it alleviates stress, chronic fatigue and memory problems. Other natural fatigue-fighters include cola nuts, rhodiola rosea, eleutherococcus and maca, so give them a go this fall and have herbs guide your way.

Fall is the season when nature prepares for hibernation – but you are neither a dormouse nor a bear, so clean up your act and be brave even on less than stellar days. You can fight fall fatigue – and if you follow the tips listed above, you can win too.

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