How To Be Perfect

It can't be just me...every time I'm on Pinterest or flipping through the newspaper there's some article about "How to curb your sugar cravings" or "How to slim your thighs in just two weeks" or "the new daily facial scrub to get rid of every single blemish."  I get it. I really do. I'm not immune to the idea that we should be perfect or that there's some new perfect workout move that's going to help you shed inches from your waist. I've seen ad after ad about some new magic pill that shrinks fat...except if you read the fine print it says "for best results use in conjunction with diet and exercise." There's this moment when I see an ad like that and I think to myself , 'wouldn't that be nice...' and then common sense takes over.

For the best results I need the slow process, the daily struggle, not the magic pill. Because the sad thing about the magic pill is that it doesn't change your lifestyle. Even if it does what it says it does and accelerates the fat still haven't made those changes and you're at an even greater risk of gaining all that weight back and having to start the harrowing process all over again. And that's what the multi trillion dollar fitness industry relies on. They prey on insecurities and the lack of lifestyle change to perpetuate the cycle.

I've lived my whole life with deep body image insecurities...I've had people tell me "oh you have 'muscular' thighs" with this great emphasis on the word...full of thankfulness that they don't have to deal with such a travesty. Perfect isn't achievable and if it were...who knows what it would look like.

But the modern view of perfect goes so far beyond just what we perpetuates everything; hair color, how pale or how tan, teeth color and spacing, acne scars, the shape of one's ears, the thickness of eyebrows...where does it stop?  Identical robots?

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