How to Beat the Heat Safely for a Fun and Effective Workout

When it comes to working out, it's hard to get the job done when you don't feel well, and heat can really be both a bother and a danger. Overheating, injuries, dehydration and cramping can all cause you to throw in the towel. But if you're just not ready to let the weather win yet, then take these four tips into consideration to ensure you have a healthier and more pleasurable exercise experience. heat 1. Drink plenty of water Don't just hydrate during your workout. Make sure you've had plenty of liquids prior to training in the heat. “I always advise athletes to drink before an event so their pee looks like lemonade, not apple juice, and not water,” says Dr. Nadya Swedan, MD, FAAPMR, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist for sports injuries in New York City. 2. Acclimate Hitting up a new environment? Don't go full force just yet. Try to be in the climate you'll be getting active in at least a week prior to training. “You’ll want to methodically increase the duration and intensity of your workouts,” says Andia Winslow, founder of #WinslowWay Conditioning and senior coach, at Mile High Run Club. 3. Be realistic Know what you're getting yourself into. Heat is no joke, so don't treat it that way and land yourself in trouble. “Athletes often get frustrated that they cannot perform as fast or go for as long as they can in comfortable temperatures,” says Erin Ward, instructor at the hot yoga studio Y7 in New York City. Make sure to be patient and take care of any signs of overheating that may arise. 4. Don't ignore cramping Have a cramp in the heat? This may be your body's way of telling you that you're dehydrated, so don't ignore those painful muscle spasms! “Cramping can also be a sign of improper training or an injured muscle,” says Dr. Sweden. heat Have you tried any of these tips to beat the heat and keep your workouts going strong? Source: Self  

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