How To Build A Healthy Relationship With Carbs

Fat used to be the devil of the diet world, but now nutritionists are promoting the consumption of healthy fats. Subsequently, carbohydrates that once got a bad rep are experiencing the same resurgence. But the game of carbs is still pretty complex (no pun intended). Here are ways to build a healthy, balanced relationship between you and carbs without sacrificing your weight loss goals.
  • Earn Your Carbs. How many carbs you can consume should be measured by how hard you trained at the gym, and how much muscle you are building. Also factor in your insulin sensitivity and body fat percentage to get an accurate picture of how many grams of carbs you deserve.
  • Demand Quality. Eating sugary donuts and other carb-rich creations that have zero nutrients just damage your body as a whole. This behaviour can cause dangerous amounts of silent inflammation within your system and drain your body of healthy nutrients. Get in your zinc, magnesium and thiamine and banish bad-for-you carbs.
  Think Muscle. Trying to build bulging biceps isn't easy without the intake of healthy carbs. Low carb diets can hinder your fitness results in many ways. They can even throw off your sleep pattern which causes a decrease in muscle development. Corn, bananas, potatoes, whole grain cereal and peas are all amazing sources of muscle-igniting carbs!   To sum up, getting the right sources of macronutrients (fats, carbs and proteins) can fuel your body, help you become a beast at the gym and balance your hormones. Eating a diet that doesn't restrict these macros is the best way to achieve health! For some extra advice on how to balance your meals, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan. More than a 30 day menu planner, the BodyRock Meal Plan comes with a nutrition guide to help you navigate the science behind fueling your body and staying healthy. AND, it includes a recipe book with over 70 mouth watering options! Do you agree? Share your take on carbs with us! Source: Strength Sensei

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