How to Date Again After A Breakup

Being single again after a breakup can be one of the most frustrating and helpless feelings.

The tempting solution is to try and fix the situation by speed dating left and right.

In order to let yourself heal and move on properly, remember that it’s all about balance. Spend time for yourself, and date when you feel ready to separate the past from your future.

Avoid these no-no’s when getting back in the game:

Avoid rushing to date the first guy who gives you attention

It might make your heart swoon to have a new guy’s attention, but don’t rush to date him until you’re really ready to move on.

Don’t fall head over heels too fast

You want to find a deep connection with someone again, but too much focus on falling in love won’t allow your new relationship to develop naturally. It will likely leave you disappointed if it doesn’t happen.

Avoid starting a new relationship just to piss off your ex

We all want to find a great guy after a breakup to show our ex how much they f*cked up. Make sure you date for you, when you’re ready, and keep your options open.

Don’t settle

Don’t agree to a date just because you think it’s better than being single. Make sure you’re going on a date because you actually want to and are interested in this person. You deserve the best.

Avoid overanalyzing every detail

A bad breakup can leave you insecure and frankly, picky over your next guy. Resist from creeping him on social media and finding any little flaw to rule him out.

Don’t compare every guy to your ex

It’s natural to compare traits, feelings, and experiences between your ex and a new guy but remember, you don’t know everything about each other yet. You won’t always like every single thing about someone so give them a chance.

Did you find it easy to date again after a breakup? h/t: Elite Daily

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