How To Ditch Stubborn Lower Belly Fat

Lower belly fat is a pain. A pure and simple pain. It is stubborn and difficult to get rid of. We said difficult, not impossible. With the right exercise, diet and information, you can work your way to a flatter, more defined tummy. Why Is Lower Belly Fat so Hard to Get Rid of? One of the things that packs on lower belly fat is age. As we get older, the body distributes fat differently throughout the body and our metabolic rates decline. Women who have gone through menopause often see an increase in lower belly fat due to shifts in hormone production. lower body fat Why Is It Important to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat? Vanity is not the only reason to try to blast through belly fat. The fat that builds around your midsection is called visceral fat. Visceral fat surrounds organs like your heart, lungs, and liver. Although it is important to have some visceral fat, having too much can lead to health problems like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and some forms of cancer. What Are the Best Food to Eat to Get Rid of Belly Fat? When it comes to fat loss, your diet is important. It is time to embrace fiber. Studies have shown that meeting the daily recommendations of fiber can lead to a decrease in visceral fat. Great sources of fiber include, apples, beans and vegetables. lower body fat It is also important to eat anti-inflammatory foods. Antioxidants found in many fruits and the monounsaturated fats in foods like almonds and olive oil can also help reduce belly fat. What Are the Best Exercises for Belly Fat? Obviously cardio workouts are great for burning calories and getting your heart pumping but it won't be enough to blast through stubborn lower belly fat. To see an improvement in your midsection, you will need to pair your cardio with weight training exercises. The more muscles you have, the more calories you burn and the more fat you lose. Does this clear things up for you? How do you fight your belly fat? Source: PositiveMed  

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