How To Eat Clean To Lose Weight: Start With This 24-Hour Guide

There is no doubt that a clean eating lifestyle can not only help you become healthier, it can also help you lose weight. eat clean for 24 hours Replacing the processed foods with natural ones can feel difficult at first but if you stick with it, it will become easier. If you're curious about how it works and looking to see if you can hack it for even a day, here's a guide to get you through a day of clean eating:


Start sipping: First thing, drink water. After you're done that, try a healthy green juice or some warm water with lemon before breakfast. While you are hydrating with water, the lemon is working to balance your body's pH levels and help your digestion. Ditch refined carbs: No bagels this morning! If you like to start your day with carbs, keep them complex and full of fiber like quinoa or sweet potato. This not only helps energy levels but helps digestion too.


Drink green tea: Skip your second cup of coffee and reach for a green tea instead. It is high in catechins which helps liver function and increases the production of detoxifying enzymes. Pass on condiments: What's your pick? Mayo? Ketchup? Ranch dressing? No matter your choice, it is best to take a pass when you're eating clean. If you need a flavour boost, look to herbs and citrus. If you must have something creamy, opt for avocado. It is loaded with Omega 3s and fiber. Win, win.


Have a natural dessert: You don't have to say no to dessert when eating clean. Just make sure it is a natural treat and not one loaded with sugar and chemicals. Have some fresh fruit or a piece of dark chocolate instead. Keep water beside your bed: Hydration is key in being healthy. Sipping on water during the night can help you wake feeling energized and clear headed. So, hydrate and get some shut eye. For more information on how to eat healthy ALL the time, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan! This 30 day menu planner also comes with a detailed nutrition guide and a recipe book with over 70 offerings! Source: Women's Health  

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