How To Eat Whatever You Want And Not Gain Weight

 What if you could protect your body from fat filled foods before you even eat them? Well, you can. Now, before you get upset saying that this is making excuses for those that just want to give up on clean eating - know that this is to be done in moderation (because you really don't want to shock your system that much all of the time) According to a new study recently published in American Journal of Physiology — Heart and Circulatory Physiology, all you need to do is get a quick HIIT sweat sesh on before chowing down on your favourite cheat meal.

The method worked like a charm in clinical testing: when 20 people who did just eight minutes of high-intensity cycling an hour before eating a high-fat milkshake, they were less affected by the fat for up to three hours after eating than people who did 25 minutes of moderate-intensity cycling before having the same treat.

Want those cheesy fries? You know what to do.


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