How To Give Your Fitness Routine A Fall Makeover!

With the dawn of September comes new opportunities and a feeling of refreshment after the summer ends. It's time to break out some cute new wardrobe pieces, indulge in a little pumpkin spice and find motivation to start up a fresh new fitness routine. The end of bikini season doesn't mean you can relax with your exercise! Here are four ways to ignite your fall routine: 1) Check In Examine your current routine and what works for you. Knowing what keeps you motivated and leaves you slacking can help you reshape your new season of workouts. "I use the knowledge I've gained during the summer to ensure I get even better results next time." says MuscleTech athlete Jimmy Everitt. "Now's a great time to learn what works for you." check in with yourself 2) Make A New Goal "Now that summer is over, my goals sometimes venture away from physical appearance and focus more on either performance or lifestyle." says physique competitor Edward "Mr. Physique" Honn. Try learning and mastering a new skill or starting a new class like kickboxing or yoga. Make your goals more performance-oriented and less aesthetic. take progress pictures 3) Take Progress Pictures "I take weekly progress pictures to hold myself accountable." says bikini athlete Katie Miller. "Plus, with the colder months approaching and all those delicious pumpkin spice recipes around, it's easy to put on extra weight without noticing." Looking at a quick progress snap on your phone can give you a clear picture of your body that can't be covered up by a big, cozy sweater. workout outside 4) Get Outside "There's just something about being out in the fresh, cool air that energizes and lifts my spirits. Plus, sometimes a change in environment is all you really need." says weight lifter Lindsay Cappotelli. Get a little out of your comfort zone and go for a run in cooler weather. It's undoubtedly refreshing and invigorating. What are some ways to stay inspired when cold weather hits? Source: Body Builder  

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