How to Handle Those "I Don't Want To" Days

We all have those days when the last thing we want to do is get up off our butts and go exercise. I know I get them all the time, as I hate having to leave my house at 8 PM to go workout. I get home late, I'm tired, and I would much rather sit in front of the TV. lazy-day-dorgsn6kr-109334-530-352 Unfortunately, we can't allow ourselves to have that luxury. Handling those "I don't want to!" days is important if you're going to keep up with your exercise program.
  • Remind yourself of your goals -- What are you working towards? Are you trying to lose weight, bulk up, increase your strength, or get ready for bikini season? Remind yourself of what you're working towards, and use that as motivation to work out.
  • Take a day -- Sometimes, you've pushed yourself so hard that you just need a day to rest and recover. If you're fatigued, your joints hurt, your muscles are very sore, or you're feeling sick, give yourself a day off. However, don't give yourself more than one day off per month at most!
  • Ignore yourself -- Of course you don't want to work out, but so what? Ignore that voice in your head that says to stay home, and get your butt out of the house to work out.
  • Eat or drink something -- You'd be amazed at how effective a snack can be at giving you an energy boost. Make it a very small snack (100 to 200 calories at most), and use that as energy to get yourself out the door.
  • Psych yourself up, not out -- Don't let your mind talk you out of working out, but get excited for your exercise. If you're psyched up and are looking forward to your exercise, you'll be much more likely to actually follow through and get that workout.
4644405836570514_Y33d1f7i_c You can't afford to have those days when you don’t work out just because your laziness tells you that it doesn't want to. Shut it down and get your butt in gear to get in shape!

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