How to Handle Two-a-Day Workouts the Safe Way

Working out serves many purposes in our lives. It helps us to emotionally and physically feel empowered, healthy and happy. When we gain weight, we certainly seek this type of activity to help us slim down. And when we either don't see results, or we want results quicker, we push ourselves harder, for longer, even doing two-a-day. And if we're already in great shape but one workout a day just isn't cutting it, we're back at it for an evening sweat session, too. working out twice But there may be some people staring at you with wide eyes, warning you that too much of anything isn't good. So, when it comes to exercise, is it safe to have more than one go of it in 24 hours? There's a lot of factors that come into play. Perhaps one workout is more sweat-induced while the other is more focused on stretching. It's all a balancing act. “Two-a-day workouts can be especially useful, and if used wisely, might lead to safer, more effective training,” explains John Mandrola, M.D., a cardiac electrophysiologist. workout twice And Jason Edmonds, a biologist and weightlifter says, "A highly conditioned, world-class athlete would be able to safely handle multiple training sessions in one day. But a middle-aged person of average athletic ability with a full-time job and family probably wouldn’t want to plan a regimen that involved multiple daily sessions at the gym doing heavy strength training.” A couple general rules of thumb can be applied to exercise just like they can to the rest of your lifestyle, and those would be balance and time. For instance, to find balance, try to avoid over-training by balancing workouts between high intensity and low intensity. Also make sure to space out the muscle groups you focus on by two days at a time. Get plenty of sleep, fuel up and make sure to take a day off! Are you a fan of two-a-day workouts? Source: Greatist  

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