How To Heal Your Weight Insecurities Once And For All!

If you're a woman, chances are you have had a moment of self-doubt about your weight. It happens to all of us no matter where we land on the scale. For some girls, being thin makes them long for desirable curves. For others, having a little extra weight on them may cause them to be self-conscious and be always plotting a way to diet out of their current state. Your concept of weight often stems from childhood. The way food was handled in your household plays a big role in how you view it now. Childhood incidents like being called 'skinny' or 'fat' can surprisingly be a factor in what we see in the mirror, even if it was just a one-time occurrence. It doesn't help that magazines tailored to women are constantly projecting two different ideals on the same page. They push the idea of loving yourself while promising a quick way to get the body you want. How To Heal Your Weight Insecurities Once And For All! [bctt tweet="How To Heal Your Weight Insecurities Once And For All!"] So how do we escape this vicious cycle? How do you heal your wounds and learn to love ourselves for the sake of the next generation? We can start by being real. Take a good honest look in the mirror and be real about what you see. Be honest about the strength your body has (how it bares children, or can bench press half its weight, or has survived illness and is still going strong). Be honest about the weaknesses you see (a scar that never faded, the fact it will never be a size 0 or have Kim K curves). Embracing the good and bad can be the key to letting go of all the hatred we harbour and the start of loving ourselves. What are your stories of body image? How have you accepted yourself? Source: Elite Daily

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