How To Let Go Of The Pain And Move On From Your Ex

Letting go of someone is one the hardest challenges we face when a relationship comes to an end. When you have spent every single day with someone, naturally starting life fresh without them can be a struggle. You dwell on the pain and the longing, which is expected for a while. But the longer you do, the more difficult it is to move on. Moving on is the healthiest thing to do to release both you and your ex partner from the pain. It will take time, but the process of moving forward will eventually lessen the heartache. Here is how to successfully move forward from an ex: how to let go of ex Bury Your Past  Accept that your past had a place in your life, and taught you a lot of lessons. But start building towards a brighter future instead of living in yesterday's world. Part of the healing process is to come to terms with the concept that what has transpired back then has no bearing on now, and it's time to push those memories aside to make way for new ones. Look At Him Differently Remaining 'friends' can be a very awkward and difficult situation, depending on both of your feelings. Don't cut ties completely with your ex, but don't hang around with them a lot either if it's only causing you pain. You can block their content on your social media sites, limit the times in which you grab coffee in an attempt to normalize your friendship and stop your friends from telling you the latest gossip about what he's doing with his new girlfriend. It's time to get focused on you. Don't look at him as if he holds your future in his hands anymore, and remember that letting him have too much of a place in your present life is only stifling your growth. It's time to develop you as an individual. Stop Holding Out Hope  In the back of your mind you think that there is a possibility that one day you will get back together, and that may be true. It is rare and often times the second time around things are different. So prepare your personal goals list that is centred around the things you want to do without him. In fact, make plans that involve things you've always dreamed of doing but couldn't because your partner didn't want to - like bungee jumping, wine tasting or a trip to Europe. Live an awesome life and soon you'll stop getting so hung up on the hope that you'll be reunited with your ex! What are your thoughts on getting over a heavy relationship? Share your tips and advice with us! Source: Elite Daily Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_111449" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]  

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