How To Lose Weight and Quit Eating When You're Bored

Most of us  are guilty of reaching for a not-so-healthy snack out of boredom. A single moment of downtime and suddenly you're wandering aimlessly in the direction of the kitchen. But consuming those sugary, fatty junk foods when you're not even hungry has serious weight gain repercussions. Here's how to break your bad habit and shed pounds easily.

#1 Monitor your eating habits

Keep a food journal of your various snacking times. Record when you eat because you are hungry and when you eat for amusement. For example, if you notice yourself reaching for snacks during a particular television program, try and do something to keep yourself busy during that particular program. Try some light stretching while you watch instead of reaching for a grilled cheese. bored1

#2 Get to know your hunger

Some of us can't tell the difference between a craving and true hunger. It's time to really understand what it feels like to be hungry and what it feels like to simply want to eat a food based on taste. Sometimes, our bodies can even 'fake' hunger when we're dehydrated. Start by drinking some water before you eat to see if it satisfies your craving.

#3 Start new habits

Being bored has many remedies. Take the dogs for a walk, clean and organize your room, draw a picture, or get your body moving. Getting active and keeping your mind busy will prevent you from reaching into the fridge. Sign up for the BodyRock Beginner Bootcamp or the BodyRock Intermediate Bootcamp. Both programs feature real time, professionally crafted workouts that will get your blood pumping and help you sculpt the body you've always wanted. The best part, the Bootcamps are absolutely free! Each day for 30 days, a new workout will be delivered to your inbox. It will be like having a personal trainer in your own living room! Do you get any better than that? Sign up for the Beginner Bootcamp here and the Intermediate Bootcamp here. [bctt tweet="How To Lose Weight and Quit Eating When You're Bored"]

#4 Stop buying junk

Clear out your cupboard and get rid of all those chips, bottles of pop, cookies, and pastries. When tempted to buy them at the grocery store, opt for healthy alternatives. For example, grab a bunch of kale and make kale chips. Or, if your tastes are oriented more towards sweet snacks, buy some fresh berries and make yourself a smoothie! Avoid packaged and processed foods. Stick to bright, colourful, whole foods and you will be well ahead of the game.

#5 Don't eat in bed

When you're relaxed in bed and watching TV, you tend to overdo it on the snacks without even realizing it. Always eat at the table or somewhere that is more formal. It is best to avoid screens while you eat. Concentrate on the flavour, texture and enjoyment of the food so you become more aware of what and how much you are eating. bored2

#6 Schedule your food intake

If you get hungry mid-morning, pencil in a healthy oatmeal bowl or green smoothie to keep your stomach happy. If you always reach for a bag of chips when you relax on the couch in the evening, reach for omega-3 rich almonds instead. Keeping a food schedule will keep your body in a more natural balance. Eventually, it will no longer crave junk food as strongly and you will be seeing pounds melt away. Share your thoughts on healthy eating with us! Did you break you change your snacking habits? Tell us about it!  

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