How To Lose Weight Fast: SLOW DOWN!

Everyone is wondering how to lose weight fast, correct? Well the key to losing weight fast may actually be to eat slower. Most of us already know that people who scarf back their meals tend to weigh more. Our internal cues for satiety can’t keep up with the barrage of food. The result is we eat more than we need to and presto - we gain weight. According to a recent study, there are certain foods we tend to eat more quickly than others and could be that key to unlocking the answer to that "How to lose weight fast" question. Here’s a sampler of various foods we tend to eat faster than others. Below is a scale of Fastest to Slowest:


Mashed potatoes Lasagna Boiled potatoes Fish sticks Cooked broccoli Cod Quiche Smoked salmon Boiled carrots Rice Pizza Bulgur Garlic bread Tofu Chicken breast Steamed broccoli Steak Minced beef Fried potatoes Raw carrots Tortilla chips


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