How To Make Everyday Super Foods Last

So much talk these days is about superfoods. And rightfully so. Some are exotic like acai and some are more 'run of the mill' like oats and nuts. These superfoods all do different, wonderful things for your body from being high in antioxidants to boosting your energy, you'll want to load up your kitchen. But how long do some of these foods last? How do you store them, when do you get rid of them? Excellent questions, and we've found you some answers! While oats and dried beans have a shelf life that can last years, nuts, spices and oils are a different story. Here's the skinny on all three so you can get your pantry in order! Nuts and Nut Butters Although you may not realize it, nuts do spoil. After about 4 months the fat in nuts begins to go rancid. If you buy a large bag and don't have immediate plans for it, store half in the freezer, says McKel Hill, R.D., founder of Nutrition Stripped. (This works well for seeds, like flax or chia too). When it comes to your homemade nut butters, store them in the fridge. Doing so can make them last for up to a month.   Spices and Dried Herbs These can last anywhere from 6 months to a year. "Spices simply start to lose their strong fragrance," says Hill, which may also mean they have lost their strong taste. So, instead of buying a spice you aren't likely to use often in a big pricey bottle from the supermarket, try to get a small amount from a bulk food seller. You can buy only the amount you need. And when you buy fresh herbs, Hill recommends storing them in a glass with an inch of water—like flowers in a vase—in the refrigerator. They'll last for up to a week. Cooking Oils Just as with nuts, oils go bad when the fat goes rancid. Keep the oils in a cool, dark place as heat and light tend to accelerate this process. Some of the heart healthy benefits of olive oil get lost over time so look for a bottle that is marked with a harvest date and try to use the bottle within 4-6 months of opening. As for nut oils, store them in the fridge. Once opened, they will last about 6 months. Who needs to clean out their cupboard? Source: Shape 

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