How To Make Exercise A Habit (Especially When You Don't Enjoy It)

We all know we have to move our bodies more. So many of the health problems afflicting modern generations can be cured, or at least alleviated, by eating better and exercising more. The only trouble with that is that our lifestyles are sedentary and adopting a workout routine takes some serious effort. We all know people who love their gym sessions. They are fit, they are happy, and they make time for their healthy habits each and every day. Yes, there are people who were born loving this sort of activity but for most people, it was something they had to stick with and develop until it became a habit. They learned to love it. bored2 Sure, it is hard to love something that doesn't give you an immediate payoff but we assure you, it is possible. Totally possible! And, you will find an immediate payoff, you just have to be looking in the right places. So, how do you create a habit out of something you don't immediately enjoy?

First, identify what is standing in your way.

You cannot solve a problem without first identifying what it is. Ask yourself what it is you don't like about exercising. Is it the time commitment? Do you find it boring? Have you tried and failed, (and tried again and failed again), to bust out an hour of cardio at the gym? Are you unable to afford a gym membership? Don't censor your answer. There are no wrong answers here. Be as honest as possible. boob2

Second, look into possible solutions.

Now that you've identified the barriers to your workouts, it is time to start finding solutions to those barriers. If you are concerned about the time commitment, the cost, the tediousness of it all, for example, try shifting your focus. None of those things should stand in the way of your working out. Really. You don't have to workout in a gym and you don't have to spend hours and hours doing activities you don't like. Doing something as simple as taking a long walk after dinner could be a great start. It is moving your body, and it is free. Just commit to doing a little at a time. But if you are looking to do something more intense, something that will get your more dramatic results (in time), you have more options than you realize. Maybe a bootcamp style workout is the thing to get you motivated. At BodyRock, we offer bootcamps to suit all fitness levels -- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. In these real time workouts, our trainers will sweat right along with you giving you all the motivation you need to stay with it. Get the bootcamps, and so much more on Sweatflix℠. Of course, this is only one possible direction. Take the time you waste finding reasons not to exercise and use it to find ways in which you could exercise. You'd be amazed at what you can come up with!

Finally, focus on small rewards.

Nothing will change, if nothing changes. So now that you've identified what is stopping you and come up with some possible solutions, it is time for a little follow through. You are not going to get completely ripped and toned in your first few days of exercising. It doesn't happen right away. But you will be able to notice small changes, almost immediately. Your stress levels will decrease, and you'll have more energy. You may sleep better at night and begin to feel better about yourself. Some days you may not want to workout but if you remember that you always feel better after you do, you'll be more likely to just do it. If you can remember those gains, you'll be ahead of your own negative chatter. Let's be honest, making exercise a habit may not be easy but you know it is the right thing. There is no denying the benefits to all aspects of your being. Until you lose the weight you want to or get that shredded six pack, celebrate your small victories. Getting started can be the hardest part! Know that exercising is the right thing. YOU are doing right by YOU! Have you managed to make exercise a regular part of your life? How did you make it a habit? Share your tips with us!  

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