How to Make Your Fitness Journey Your Own, and Reap the Most Benefits

When you envision losing weight, you see a light at the end of the tunnel that holds your fabulous figure, great mood and overall happiness. But what you might not think about is all the work, dedication and consistency it takes to get there. The problem with that is, when you begin your journey, you might find yourself feeling fatigued early on, asking yourself questions like, "Why is this so hard?" or "Why is this making me feel so miserable?" and "Why am I not losing weight as rapidly as all these other success stories I read about?" These questions are the result of not being prepared and not ensuring that you're focusing on yourself. When you take the time to consider your weight loss journey in its entirety, you are opening yourself up to the idea of obstacles, and therefore allowing yourself to promote positivity to push through with power and confidence.   If you want to ensure that your journey is your own, and that you treat yourself kindly throughout, you need to keep in mind a few specific things.
  1. No one else's progress should affect your own.
This is just a waste of mental energy and should be avoided at all costs. Every time you find yourself comparing your progress to another's, take a step back and take note that you're attempting to compare apples to oranges. 2. Do what works for you, and you alone. Yoga for one may not be yoga for all. If you find something you're loving, stick with it, and don't let anyone try and tell you otherwise. Be happy, be you. 3. Realize there are different forms of progress. From your physical state to your emotional state, your habits to your knowledge, there's a lot that goes into this journey. Get to know each one respectively. Source: Vitals  

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