How to Protect your Heart Forever

If you’re tired of stupid guys and stupid feelings leaving you heartbroken, then just give up on the idea of love forever and become a cat lady – because cats will always love you unconditionally.

The easiest way you can protect your heart is by letting your past keep you from opening up again.

  • Choose to blame yourself for things you said and the way you acted, even though those are just traits of who you are.
  • Compare yourself to others and wonder what wasn’t good enough about yourself because you can’t see how truly amazing you are.
  • Lose sleep over why you couldn’t change the mind of someone who likely never lost sleep over you.
  • Close yourself off to someone who could be the right guy, who will accept you for who you are and everything you have to offer and never know how happy they could make you feel.


Choose to be vulnerable and open, which of course allows for heartbreak, but it also allows you the chance to be truly happy and find a love that lasts.

So stop convincing yourself that you’re not worthy. The past shapes us and helps us learn how to be better, love better and feel better by growing from our experiences.

Trust someone who just went through a recent break up after several loving years – It wasn’t for nothing and it doesn’t break you. Once you allow yourself to get past the heartbreak, you’ll start to heal. It teaches you how to love and be loved. You learn what you value in a relationship and now know what it takes to be truly happy. Someone out there deserves you as much as you deserve them so take a chance and let yourself find out. h/t: Thought Catalog

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