How To Push Yourself During A Workout

Some days, you just don't feel like you've got it in you. You get half way through a workout and you're ready to quit. Maybe you're tired, maybe you're bored. No matter the reason, you  do have the ability to dig deep and power through the rest of the workout -- even if you don't realize it! inpost When you need to give yourself a little (or big) push and find that extra motivation, try one of these tips:

1. Split up the time.

It doesn't matter what sort of workout you are doing, break it down into manageable chunks. If today is your cardio day and you are feeling totally wiped out by the fact that you have 30 minutes left, turn it into 3, 10 minute chunks. Each time you cross a 10 minute threshold, you'll feel mentally stronger and like you've  accomplished something. [bctt tweet="How To Push Yourself During A Workout"] inpost2

2. Don't watch the timer.

It can be tempting to keep an eye on how much time you have left but when you are feeling unmotivated, this can be a disaster. Watching your timer distracts you from what you are doing and only makes time feel like it is slowing down. Ignore it until you hear the signal!

3. Repeat a motivational phrase.

When you want to give up, consider your true motivations. Telling yourself you are working out so you can have a bowl of ice cream at the end isn't likely to be enough. Find a phrase that spurs you on! Repeat that phrase over and over until you are done. It sounds ridiculous but it can make all the difference in the world. Something as simple as "Don't quit!" can get the job done. inpost3 If these tips aren't enough to get you through, let us help! The BodyRock Bootcamp workouts can keep you energized. Offered at both Beginner and Intermediate levels, these real time workouts last 10-12 minutes in length and are delivered to your inbox each day, for 30 days, absolutely free. The best part? Edith and Lisa sweat right along with you offering not only their advice but their encouragement every step of the way. If you feel yourself dragging your heels or in need of a solid and reliable workout buddy, we're here for you! Have a look and get started today! You can find the Beginner Bootcamp here and the Intermediate Bootcamp here! How do you motivate yourself during a workout?

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