How To Stop Yourself From Going Back For Seconds (Or Thirds)

Eating whole, clean foods is obviously the way to go. But, if you are eating too much of these foods, you are not really doing yourselves any favors. Just because it is healthy, it doesn't mean you can't over eat it.

We understand that when you are eating yummy food, it can be hard to keep yourself from going back for seconds. Unfortunately, if you are hoping to shed some pounds and reach your fitness goals, portion control is a must!



Luckily, stopping yourself from taking a second, or third, helping is easier than you might think!

A study out of Cornell University found that people rate their fullness the same, no matter how many portions they have eaten. That's right! The second serving won't really do anything for you but add extra calories!

The researchers gave participants bowls of soup. Half of the bowls were set up to continuously refill. The people with these trick bowls ate 73% more than the ones with the ordinary soup bowls even though they didn't rate themselves as feeling any more full. Scientists call this "learned satiation." It happens when we use sensory cues to determine our level of fullness.

Simply put, if the food is put in front of you, you will want to keep eating it.

So how do you handle this? Hide the food!



No, we don't mean actually hide your food but we do mean keep it out of sight. After you prepare your meal from the BodyRock Meal Plan, put your serving on your plate, then pack up the rest and put it away. If you can't see it, it will be easier not to eat it.

Besides, you are far less likely to go through the effort of pulling all that food back out of the fridge for that second portion, if you don't really, really need it. And slowing yourself down is not a bad thing when it comes to eating. It can take our brains around 30 minutes to receive the signal that the stomach is full. So when trying to trim down, doing things that gives your body the time to follow its natural cues, can make all the difference.

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Source: Men's Health



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