How to Tell if your Love Will Last

Love isn’t a difficult concept - until you add two people, past experiences and emotional and behavioural differences to the mix. We tend to overcomplicate things because we already have it programmed into our brains that love is complex.

So what factors make love so complicated?

Timing plays a huge role in the success of a relationship. Each individual has had their own experiences, thoughts and beliefs. These help us each process and make decisions about new thoughts and beliefs, including those about the future with our partner.

Differences in opinion will either determine if you can communicate and compromise or if these feelings will eventually turn into resentment and fighting.

If two people meet at the wrong time in their lives, the relationship is unlikely to last. The only exception is if you can agree to find a common ground and grow together.

Another factor in love is desire. This doesn’t always mean sex, but more importantly, there should be a feeling of attraction and a connection between you and your partner.

You can tell almost immediately if the chemistry is there, but just because it’s present now, doesn’t guarantee it always will be. We get too comfortable with one another that we forget to keep up the excitement like the feeling you get when you first meet.

So, love in theory might be simple, but a relationship certainly is not. It takes time, dedication, communication and constant reminders of our feelings to make it work.

If two people care enough to keep the spark alive, love will last.

Are you able to tell if your love will last with your partner?

h/t: Elite Daily

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