How You Can Contour Your Face With Food!

Facial contouring and highlighting are extremely popular techniques to crafting your ideal features. But bronzer and highlight might not be the only secrets to beauty. Food can actually play a huge role in plump lips and chiseled cheekbones. Fruit, seafood and veggies are all key to creating a beautiful complexion. Incorporating certain vitamins into your diet can scientifically preserve your skin to keep wrinkles away and sculpt your cheekbones. Find out how these nutrients work: Oysters for Cheeks oysters health A delicious seafood that actually is an amazing source of zinc. Zinc triggers the production of elastin within your skin to strengthen it's moisture barrier and define facial features. It can also help to even out skin tone so you can go foundation free! Spinach for Cheekbones spinach skin Definition of the cheekbones can be as easy as chowing down on this leafy green. It's natural nutrients shed excess water retention from the face, making your cheekbones pop. Tangerines for Wrinkles tangerine beauty secret This refreshing fruit prevents and treats fine lines and wrinkles better than many night creams! Vitamin A and Vitamin C compounds go to work to boost collagen production which fills out those pesky lines. Red Pepper for Lips  red pepper plump lips Pepper seeds increase blood circulation, so applying some to your lips or sprinkling them in your lip balm can help pout your lips naturally! Broccoli for Necks  broccoli anti aging An ageing neck doesn't have to be a problem. Just include broccoli in your diet to protect skin from sun damage and turn back the clock! Try these tips and let us know your results! Source: Daily Mail

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