How You Hide Your Tampons Reveals A lot About Your Personality

This is what your tampon hiding technique says about you.
Tampons aren't exactly the sexiest things to be whipping out of your purse. As much as we wish it was like taking out a tube of lip gloss, it's just not, so we've become extremely sneaky at concealing our need to sneak off to the bathroom with a tampon in hand, mostly out of the desire to not announce to people that yes, we're on our periods. It's personal, OK? After they stumbled out of our lockers and backpacks in middle or high school for the first time, to handling them like ninjas now, we've perfected the craft. But, everyone has their own little technique, and what yours is says a lot of about your personality.

The up the sleeve move.

Like a secret tunnel from purse to forearm under your coat, you're undoubtedly some sort of magician. tampons

Storing it in the cosmetic bag.

You never need to worry about your unused tampon exposing itself. You're a lady, so you stash yours in your makeup purse and let everyone assume you're off to touch yourself up in the bathroom.

Slipped into the back pocket.

Worried about it falling out and exposing your time of the month? Nah, you're a bold gal, and figure if anyone is wondering what is in your back pocket, it just means they took the time to look at your nice ass. [bctt tweet="Are you a feminist, resourceful or perhaps a bit clumsy? "]

Stuck in the shoe.

You're oh so clever, aren't you? No one's looking behind the tongue of your sneaks, so this one just makes so much sense.

Holding it in the waistband.

You're just not suave enough to slip it up your sleeve, but you want to get the job done, and the waistband seems like a secure place. But face it, you're shy and you're clumsy. tampons

Stored in the bra.

Underwire is multi purposeful, and you're about to take advantage of that right now. You're undoubtedly resourceful.

Tucked into the hair.

Ok, so perhaps you're a bit of a ditz, but at least that big, curly mane is coming in handy!

Open for the world to see in your hand.

Who cares? You're a feminist and you're a woman and you bleed. No one should be grossed out, curious or even commenting on the fact that you have a tampon in your hand. GET OVER IT. tampons How do you handle your tampons?
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