How You Spent Your Summer, According to Your Tan Lines

As the last few weeks of summer rapidly slip by, Labour Day being the last (hoorah) and reminding you that those hot, sun-filled days have an approaching expiration date, there's only one thing to do now: reflect on all of the feverish fun these last few months have provided you with. And, it's time to catch up on what all of your other crazy friends had in store. It's time to find out who spent their summer chasing music festivals in their board shorts and backpacks, who attempted to finally find their tan to no avail at the beach every day, who spent their time discovering nudist beaches, who tried out every style of bathing suit possible, who literally did nothing but work at their cubicle, and who was busy being extra sporty. Here are the five types of tan lines that you or your friends may be currently experiencing. 1. A sexy one-piece one day and a barely there bikini the next only make for some weird tan lines come the end of summer. tan lines 2. Operation liberation! Nothing says nudist like the lack of tan lines but a seriously golden glow. tan lines 3. All those hot summer days supporting their favourite teams lead to some pretty cool tan lines.   tan lines 4. You can tell you who chased around their favourite bands all summer by those incredible backpack tan lines. tan lines 5. This was going to be the summer of bronzing! But, an umbrella and some SPF would have been a safer choice. tan lines Have you experienced any of these awesome tan lines? Source: Elite Daily  

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