"Human Barbie" Claims She's Never Had Plastic Surgery Despite 32E Boobs

Angelika Kenova, the Russian born "human Barbie", attests she has never gone under the knife to replicate a doll like figure and face. angee The 26 year old model boasts a 32E bra size and 20 inch waist. Her living doll obsession was brought on by her parents, who have had control over every aspect of her life since she was a child. From what she wears to what she eats to her fitness routine, her mother Evegniy is in charge. Her parents want her to be the envy of every girl in the world, and even embrace her risqué photoshoots to show off her figure. But as for dating, Angelika stills needs a chaperone! angelica-kenova-barbie-doll-26 Angelika denies any surgical enhancements. She insists despite her plastic appearance, that there is nothing plastic about her. She says make-up tricks give her that ideal doll like face. angelica-kenova-barbie-doll-21 “Please don’t ask me about silicone breasts, removed ribs or plastic surgery. I don’t want to comment on these rumours,” she tells Metro. “Journalists who are looking for a sensation want to make me look stupid!” angelica-kenova-barbie-doll-14 It is hard to believe that such a perfectly sculpted and sized body could be the product of purely diet and exercise. You be the judge! Let us know what you think of this Barbie beauty?     


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