Human judgement is inevitable.

I didn't think three days before my goal date of 6 weeks healthy living that I'd be walking to class with tears in my eyes the same way I did on day one that started the whole journey. When I first started focusing on healthy living I didn't think of how people would judge me as well for this too. Luckily, I've had a fairly successful and blessed life for my first 22 years, but that isn't the point. The point is even though I've had success, I've had plenty of setbacks as well and though it may not always be apparent to the outside world, I too struggle with self-confidence. I began my journey to learn how to not care what others think about me, to not depend on others approval for my happiness. Yet, there I was 6 weeks after accomplishing many goals I never dreamed of being able to do and still feeling the same with the judgement just coming from a different angle. Fact is, human judgement is inevitable- people are always going to "care", you can't escape it. You can only choose how to respond to it. In that moment I had no idea how to respond to the negative comments I was getting over my transformation. I was feeling so proud of all my improvements and really beginning to feel my old habits slip away. I wasn't craving cigarettes, drinking. I started enjoying staying in on friday and saturday nights, saving money. Except that wasn't enough for everyone else. They didn't understand how I got the results I did and so quickly so they vocalized that to me as "caring". What they don't understand is my level of commitment and dedication I employed into every aspect of my life, always keeping my end goal in mind. Just because I got results doesn't mean I did it wrong it means I had focus. It means, I wanted results and I gave everything to obtain them because I was unhappy living the way I was. My plan for responding to this judgement was to get the facts behind me becoming the best me I can with proof. I went to a doctor with all my diet logs, workout logs, measurements, and weight logs. This way I had an expert opinion to back up my health and be confident in my lifestyle versus listening to judgement from someone who doesn't understand commitment. That way I am able to respond to those judgements and comments with proof that they're wrong. Point is- it's just another example of a shit ton of shit. The world is always out to get you down. It's how you respond to the obstacles, it's how badly you want to commit to what you think will make you the BEST POSSIBLE YOU. At that moment, I had one day left to accomplishing my 42 days and I was the least motivated yet cause I had peoples voices in my head saying "You're too small", "You're not eating enough". But I set a goal and in the beginning my friends thought it was a healthy goal just in the end when I had results, it wasn't. Moral of the story-finish strong- get professional opinions on your results. Rest, recover, then begin again with new acquired knowledge. **** the rest. What I need to constantly remind myself is obviously I'm going to look different and people are going to notice because I've never paid 2 seconds of attentions to my diet before. Heck, my roommate taught me how to fry veggies at the beginning of last year and I burnt them like crazy too. Just because you get results doesn't mean you did it wrong. Document everything and do it right. Justify your results and don't listen to what the haters say because most often they're jealous that you're able to do it and they can't. That's why the fitness world is so close, we have an alternate way of thinking. A higher power within each of us guiding us to become our best selves. Keep in mind, you have the ability to choose how to respond to every situation in your life. All I said to most of those negative comments was "okay". That's all. They're entitled to their opinion, and I'm entitled to mine and if your opinions don't align, that's okay too. Before I was judged for drinking, partying, smoking, sleeping away my days, now I'm judged for minding what I eat, spending multiple hours in the gym, not going out at night. It kind of makes me laugh to be honest, but I'm still learning. Learning how to deal with other people judgements. I'm learning it's inevitable. You can't escape it. You can only change how you respond. There has to be a point where you say enough is enough. This is your new lifestyle and you stick to it, not on other peoples terms but on your terms, for you. Its reinventing yourself to who you want to be, whatever that is- whether its fitness obsessed, a writer, a dancer, a hockey player, a social worker, a mother, anything in the world- invent yourself for you and accept the sad fact that though most will, an unfortunate few people from your old life won't make it to your new life. I guess that's just the way the story goes- but what's a story without a little thrill. As Ellen DeGeneres says "Be kind to one another". Thanks for reading!!    

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