Hunger Causes Cravings For More Than Just Food, Study Says

Hunger is a base urge that obviously serves as an important biological function. It beckons us to refuel when necessary and serves to remind us that without eating, we would fail to survive. Hunger comes from a lack of food, but we also use the word metaphorically to represent a yearning for other things. We can hunger for knowledge, recognition, love. But a new study has suggested that there may be something more to this metaphor than just poetics. Hunger can, apparently, make us crave things other than food. Not only can hunger make us cranky and in need of a kitchen, it can make us desire more mundane things like stationary. Yup, stationary. People who are hungry also shop more at the mall. This research can have important implications when it comes to judgment based on decisions and impulse purchases. [bctt tweet="Hunger Causes Cravings For More Than Just Food, Study Says"] The researchers asked participants to fill out a questionnaire about mood, hunger, relaxation, and binder clip preferences. They were given 3/4 inch binder clips and asked a series of questions about whether or not they liked the binder clips and how easy they found them to use. After some time spent with the clips, the participants were then asked how many they wanted to take home. The hungrier participants requested more clips. Hunger is a complicated thing. It makes complete sense that hungry people crave food items, especially high-calorie options, but it doesn't make sense that hungry men find pictures of heavier women to be more attractive, or that judges dish out harsher sentences when they don't have a break. Might hunger tap into an ancient and primordial need to acquire things? Hard to say. Think about it. Do you make odd decisions when you are hungry? Share some examples with us if you dare! For a diet plan that will never leave you hungry, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan! Source: Scientific American

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