Husband Of 58 Year Old Grandmother Defends His Wife Saying She Does Turn Heads

Last week, I brought you the story of Stephanie Arnott, the 58 year old grandmother who claimed to look 35 and revealed to the world that men are so struck by her beauty that they have been reduced to tears. She appeared on This Morning in an attempt to showcase her powerful effect on the opposite sex and as Daily Mail reports, the results were 'underwhelming.' But her husband, 66 year old Ian Arnott, has decided to speak out in favour of his wife. He says, "She creates attention wherever she goes – there’s no doubt about it. You can see what's going on in people's minds. They're thinking, 'Who is that beautiful woman?'" The couple met online and Ian recalls their first date not being exactly what he'd expected. Stephanie had just been to an interview and he said her attire was very business-like and that was counter to anything he had seen in her online profile. But the second date had him hooked. She wore a kilt and he loved it. He said, "We went to a local restaurant and everyone knew her. It's not that she was a regular but once you meet Steph, you don't forget her. It’s not just down to looks. She’s a very open person and a very honest person - and she has charm. I can honestly say that after 11 years of marriage, I’ve never known her to be in a bad mood." In reference to the attention she claims to receive, Ian said, "When I'm out with her, people do stop and turn round and it's certainly not me they are looking at. She does create attention, there’s no doubt about it. I've seen it with my own eyes - particularly when she is in her convertible Mercedes, the guys love her." Ian says his wife will look beautiful even when she's 90 but about looking 35, Ian says that might be a stretch.  "Sometimes in the morning when she’s waking up... she looks a lot younger than 58," said Ian. "Thirty-five might be a bit of a stretch," but he adds that he has heard people tell Stephanie that she looks 20 years younger. "I know sometimes people say things like that as a chat-up line, but I don’t believe she looks her age. Although some days she can look younger than others." Ian sounds like a sweet guy. And maybe I was wrong in my original assessment. I thought Stephanie arrogant and a little condescending but maybe I've made a mistake. Sounds like there is something really special about her. I shouldn't be so quick to judge. What do you think? Have we misunderstood her statements? Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat code    

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