'Why My Husband and I Sometimes Are Intimate With Other People'

The first time Gracie heard about her husband sleeping with another woman, she responded in a way most of us would never think of doing. “Baby!" she exclaimed with joy. “I am so happy for you!” Polyamorous is the word which describes their relationship dynamic. It's anti-monogamy. It is not to be confused with couples who swing, or polygamy (multiple relationships). 5% of Americans are involved in a polyamorous relationship. In these relationships, partners are supportive and even excited when their spouses have sexual encounters with others. "Having separate sexual and love experiences doesn’t mean your relationship is a failure; to the contrary, it can actually strengthen your connection." Gracie explains. Polyamorous or 'poly' people aren't unsatisfied as one would believe. "We tend to assume in our culture that if you have your needs met outside your relationship, some kind of detrimental effect is going to result, and that's not what we find here." explains Melissa Mitchell, a graduate student from the University of Georgia. "[Polyamory] is a quality that can help enliven any relationship. By giving it a go you could open your heart to many happy and interesting possibilities." says Gracie. In society, it seems cheating is more accepted than an openly non-monogomous relationship. There is much debate as to whether living in an open relationship is damaging for both your bond with your partner and for children involved. But Gracie disagrees. "I still want an erotic charge in my marriage — and sometimes that comes by way of another person. That’s normal. Let’s not pathologize these very natural eruptions of eroticism." she claims. What are your thoughts? Could you ever be in a polyamorous relationship? Source: Mind Body Green Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_103522" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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