I Can Only Imagine Workout & Get Pumped on the Patio Workout

Hi BodyRockers, Today we have 2 new workouts for you to choose from. Lish is back to rock out a Lite workout that is perfect for beginners and Sean has a more intense 12 minutes for those of you out there looking to kick it up a level. You can always do Lish's workout as a warmup and then follow with Sean if you are looking for even more of a challenge today. I'm writing you guys today from the beautiful coast of Southern Spain where I have come to visit Lisa. We have been posting pictures on our Instagram account - just search BodyRockTv :) The first preview of the new BodyRockTv site will be posted on Instagram soon - it's going to blow your Nike's off! Best, Freddy Workout BreakDown: Lish's Lite Workout 1) Butteryfly 2) Side to Side Burpees 3) Toe Touch 4) 10 Mountain Climbers 10 Star Planks using the pink Ugi ball 5) Seated Raise using the pink Ugi ball or Sandbag 6) Wood Chop pink Ugi ball or Sandbag Workout Break Down: Sean's Get Pumped On The Patio Workout Set your interval timer to 12 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second break! 1) 5 Squat and Press and 5 Low Jumps the Sandbag 2) Push Up Core Rotation Left and Right With One Burpee 3) Push Up Row/ Half Burpee Sumo Leg Lift the Sandbag 4) Forward Lunge Left Right-4 Switch Lunges the Sandbag Friend Your Trainers on Facebook: BodyRock Facebook Here Lisa-Marie Facebook click Here Sean’s Facebook page click here Freddy’s Facebook page: click here *New Lish’s Facebook page: here

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