I Do...commit to exercise with you

If you are like me, a super active individual, you can’t imagine being with someone who doesn’t share those same aspirations and commitments to working out and having the best body possible. I was just telling my man the other day “I could never be with someone that didn’t work out,” I literally couldn’t date someone who didn’t care about bettering their body and mind. Do you work out alone or do you have a workout partner? Do you workout with your significant other or spouse? Turns out working out with your spouse makes you work harder and makes your spouse want to work out harder too. workout with partner A study done by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health followed 15,792 middle-aged couples and tracked their physical activity between two doctor visits. On the first doctor visit couples were asked if they met the American Heart Association’s requirement of exercise recommendations which are 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes a week of intense vigorous exercise. Turned out 45% of the husbands and 33% of the wives reported exercising the required amount. On the second doctor’s visit the researchers asked the same question, they found out that when the wives met the exercise goal first the husbands were 70% more likely to hit the exercise goal. But when the husbands hit the exercise goal first the wives were only 40% likely to hit the exercise goal. This study is very interesting because it says a lot about human nature, when woman work out and are looking good, men realize ‘hey, my wife looks hot, I better up my game to look as good as she does,’ but when the husbands hit the fitness goal first the wives didn’t have that same kind of reaction. In another study done by the University College London that followed more than 3,700 married couples who were all over 50 years old, found that almost 70% of the couples who worked out together still worked out two years later but only one quarter of the couples who worked out alone were still working out. Laura Cobb the co-author of the study done at the Bloomberg school of Public Health said “We all know how important exercise is to staying healthy, this study tells us that one spouse could have a really positive impact on the other when it comes to staying fit and healthy for the long haul.” I have noticed that when me and my man workout together we work out harder and motivate each other to keep going and not give up. When one of us is on a work out kick the other person wants to get involved and starts working out harder too because we push each other. Next time you and your spouse want to add more couple activities choose to workout and exercise, it will improve both of your lives.      

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