I Hiit It

As a P90X success story and participant in the "Arms & Shoulders" DVD, I haven't found another fitness program that comes close to measuring up until I Hiit it this week for the first time. It's too soon to draw any final conclusions, but so far, so good. Like most guys, I initially checked out the Daily Hiit to check out it lead female host, Lisa-Marie, who made working out at home look so sexy.  She was bound to pop out of that tank top eventually. Then I took a closer look at interval training with the Daily Hiit. It was free, easily accessible, and offered full workouts like P90X, not bits and pieces of one.  And the folks behind it seemed to have a sense of humor, which I appreciate. So I gave it a whirl. I Hitt It On Time - More Or Less P90X doesn't require a timer, and there's ample opportunity to rest in between sets. Not so with the Daily Hiit. To Hiit it properly and maximize results, I had to integrate a timer into my routine as much as possible, even if the faster pace was kicking my ass. To complicate matters, I decided to Hiit it at the gym, not at home. I'd watch the videos at home, write down the exercises on the back of a business card, and use the card as a guide when I got to the gym. It did the trick, but sometimes I couldn't make it from one exercise to another in the scant 10 seconds or so allotted for doing so. Sometimes I had to wait for another gym member to finish with equipment I needed to get the job done. And occasionally I just didn't feel like beating it to the next routine. So I took my time. I Hiit It Hard Fortunately, my timing and logistical difficulties didn't seem to matter much as long as I Hiit it hard. I did the best I could, and it's paying off. I've already noticed the difference. So have several others who've commented on my appearance without realizing that I'm Hiiting it now. Maybe my body responded so quickly and positively because P90X - which is based on the principle of "muscle confusion" - just doesn't confuse my muscles like it used to. High intensity interval training with the Daily Hiit is a whole new ball game. My muscles are clueless, shocked, and responding accordingly. That's what it takes. I've also been enjoying Daily Hiit videos more than I anticipated. Tony Horton of P90X is a tough act to follow. He's a great host. But Lisa-Marie isn't just instructing or acting sexy; she's Hiiting it hard too. She also explains the exercises well and offers useful encouragement in a cute English accent. (I particularly love it whenever she says the word "wobble"). Sean is good too, of course, but ... not in the same way. I Hiit It And Quit It Last but not least, the Daily Hiit saves me some valuable time. When I Hiit it rather than "Bring it" (with P90X), I finish up sooner. Sometimes, a lot sooner. And that's okay with me. I like to Hiit it, quit it, and get on with the rest of my life. Maybe I should start using a timer for that too.

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