I Knew You Were Trouble Workout & Skyfall Workout

Today's Workout Videos are below! Workout Breakdown 1. 15 Ab Crunches using the the Ugi ball 2. 15 Bycle Crunches 3. 100 Sandbag Swings using the pink Sandbag Workout Breakdown 1. 50 Pushups 2. 30 Tricep Dips 3. 100 Step Ups 50 Per Leg using the the pink Sandbag 4. Sumo Side Lift the pink Sandbag 25 Per Leg 5. 15 Crunches using the Ugi ball Hi BodyRockers! We have been going back to some of our favourite workout routines just before we start the new challenge this Monday, October 15th. If you have been following for a while now you know that this little community and the workouts that we do together here most days have literally changed tens of thousands of people's lives and bodies all over the world. There have been so many touching stories on the Facebook pages Here, and you guys have shown each other so much support this year - it's really something very special. We plug into this everyday with you guys and it's just like entering into a really positive space. I know we keep talking about the new site, but honestly we have all worked so hard on it to get it right and it's not just a redesign that will be happening, it's our heart and soul wrought effort to make everything about our community better. We can all improve - and that goes for everything in life. The energy here is awesome and it's only going to get better. I hope you guys will be along for the journey. Enjoy today - we are warming up remember! Freddy P.S. As you can guess from the title we are all 007 fans here at BR (especially since all the buzz online about Daniel Craig being a BodyRocker!) Friend Your Trainers on Facebook: BodyRock Main Facebook Here Lisa-Marie Facebook click Here Sean’s Facebook page click here Freddy’s Facebook page: click here *New Lish’s Facebook page: here *New Haley’s Facebook page: here

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