I perscribe you ~ FITNESS

Fitness= a good mood!

It really is true. Whenever I am stressed or just in a fussy mood I know that if I go for a run or get a good workout~ my mood will change (most of the time). I get that some people need help with depression and things like panic attacks ( I suffer from panic/anxiety attacks myself) but imagine if you went to the doctor for depression and the prescribed “movement” to you. When my kids are having a hard time with a concept during school hours I will suggest they take a walk outside and breath in the fresh air. It just gives them a little break and fresh start to the day. I have a friend who has a hard time with anxiety and depression and I tell her she needs a good run/workout. She always comes back with a weight off her shoulders. Once again I will say it is not the only answer in some situations but I will promise you that it helps a bad mood! Next time you are feeling blue try it and let me know your results!   Momstrong :)

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