Ice Cream Diet

From fad diet capital of the world, LA brings us yet another one: the ice cream diet. For $240 you can get a four-day cleanse from vegan ice-cream store Kippy’s, which consists of five pints of coconut-based ice cream a day. ice cream diet4 So, is there ANY validity to this diet? According to Kippy the raw saturated fat in the vegan ice cream helps you digest, detoxify, and boosts metabolism among other things. Kippy Miller took 6 months to design the cleanse, with the thought process that the fat in the ice cream will help absorb nutrients and release toxins. Cleanse participants are also encouraged to drink water and do yoga along with eating the five pints a day. A reporter from Gizmodo who tried the cleanse with his girlfriend lost 6lbs, but gained it all back on the next long weekend. Ice cream diet3 Ice cream diet2 Eating ice cream and doing yoga for a week? I should probably try it just for, um, research? Ok, even I can’t sell that. Most fad diets are temporary at best, and dangerous at worst. There have been some pretty crazy fads throughout the ages, and here are some of my favourites: -       The Twinkie Diet – at 150 calories each if you eat 10 twinkies a day that’s only 1500 calories. Plus you’ll get so sick of Twinkies, you just won’t eat. -       The Tapeworm Diet – in the early 1900s you could take pills that contain a tapeworm, although it’s now illegal to import or sell tapeworms in the states (PROBABLY a good thing) -       Baby Food Diet – all the nutrients, none of the taste! -       Cigarette Diet – very popular in the 1920s, smoking would decrease appetite. But then there’s the whole dying of cancer thing, so… -       The Sleeping Beauty Diet – Elvis Presley is famously known for endorsing this diet, being sedated for weeks at a time. It’s true that a lack of sleep can cause weight gain, but this is a bit of an excessive counteraction. -       The Chewing Diet – chewing food for long periods of time and then spitting it out, kind of like using your mouth as a juicer. -       Cotton Ball Diet – eat cotton balls before a meal to feel full. Oooor, I don’t know, drink a big glass of water instead? -       Breatharianism – living on air and sunlight, surprisingly ineffectual as some people on this diet starved to death, and the others just gave up and ate food. Although it apparently works for Human Barbie. And all for the pursuit of weight loss. I think I’ll just stick to eating right and working out. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to try some of that vegan ice cream, it sounds delicious, maybe just not five pints a day. icecreamfaddiets  

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