If Social Media Can Cause Eating Disorders, Can It Also Help Cure Them?

For many of us, social media takes up a great deal of our time. It is influencing you, even if you don't immediately notice it. There has been lots of talk lately about Instagram and Facebook causing and facilitating eating disorders and low self esteem in general. But might it also be an avenue for the healing side of things? There is some research floating around that suggests that spending your time viewing perfect looking people, doing fun cool activities via your social media accounts, can have a negative impact on your self esteem and your management of an eating disorder. The research is far from comprehensive and now, there are more and more stories coming out about people finding support for their depression, anxiety and weight issues in online communities. It seems to depend on how you USE social media. If you are just being a creeper, it could result in unhealthy feelings. If you are active in your use, like interacting on fitness pages, looking for workouts, seeking other people with similar health and fitness related goals, social media can be a great benefit to you. You need to be aware of your own limitations and triggers. If you are someone prone to loneliness or anxiety, you may be more likely to reach out on social media sites. But using caution, and not getting sucked into nasty habits parading as 'healthy weight loss' information, can really serve you well. Don't fall for unhealthy 'thinspirations' and don't spend too much of your time comparing yourself to others. Someone's appearance can inspire you forward without you having to put yourself down.   Be nice to yourself. Use the social media as a tool, not as a road block! Source: Bustle  

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